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Flying With The Dog

Recently I was looking at  Skyscanner and figured I would share an article allowing travelers to know all the costs of air travel of their pets.

I first read this article to see if it was going to be any good for you guys and I realized it was very interesting but a bit bland to read. No picture and lots of text. So I decided to take the style approach and make my own infographic.  I might upload it later on cause it’s a bit late now.

It is true that traveling with your dog can be complicated and fly with him can be even more complicated. Which company to choose, will my dog be accepted, in the hold or in the cabin, and in this case will it cost a lot of money? These are just some of the questions that everyone wonders when they plan their vacation and are thinking of taking the dog by plane with him.

A friend recently went to Canada with her dog, usually never exceeding the weight limit and was staying with her in the cabin. This year I think he ate a little too many treats because his weight was too high for the cabin, so he went to the hold. Well, contrary to his mistress’s fears, Fido was very happy in the cargo hold of the plane. But in his impact case cage (this one if you’re curious bestdogcrates.net/impact-case-cage-review/), he spent a better flight than he would have if he was cramped up in the cabin under a seat.

So the moral of the story people is to always take care of your dogs and sometimes the cargo area isn’t so bad.